Flavor Profile: Crisp Amber LagerStyle: Japanese-style Red Rice LagerABV: 5.0%Availability: Taproom OnlyPackaging Options: Draft, Can
Kaizen Red has all the main components of Kaizen, but also incorporates red rice and just a hint of red malt…

Flavor Profile: DarkStyle: Black Japanese-style Rice LagerABV: 5.1%Availability: Taproom OnlyPackaging Options: Draft, Can
Kaizen Black is a dark version of Kaizen, our Japanese-style lager made with rice complimented by pilsen, vienna, munich and bestmalz black malt…

Flavor Profile: DarkStyle: Munich DunkelABV: 5.7%Availability: Taproom OnlyPackaging Options: Draft
Neo-noir, our Munich Style Dunkel, was made with 100% malt from Bestmalz, and some of the first bags of Bestmalz specialty Chocolate malt to enter the US.

Flavor Profile: LightStyle: Rad Corn LagerABV: 4.2%Availability: Taproom OnlyPackaging Options: Can, Draft
This American lager is brewed for the dads, and the not dads, and everyone who likes beer that tastes like beer. Crack open a foamer and enjoy the crisp finish of this rad corn lager.

Flavor Profile: LightStyle: Japanese Style Rice LagerABV: 4.6%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft
Kaizen is a Japanese-style lager made with Rice complimented by Pilsen and Vienna malt. The enzymes in our malted barley allow us to convert the starches in the…

Flavor Profile: LightStyle: Blue Corn LagerABV: 4.4%Availability: Taproom OnlyPackaging Options: Can, Draft

Flavor Profile: DarkStyle: Black LagerABV: 5.2%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft

Flavor Profile: LightStyle: German Style PilsnerABV: 4.9%Availability: DistroPackaging Options: Can, Draft
A classic German Pils made to adhere to the German Reinheitsgebot beer purity laws. This beer uses only imported German pilsen malt…

Flavor Profile: LightStyle: Italian Style PilsnerABV: 5.1%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft
Gorlami is an Italian style pilsner brewed with German Pilsner malt, German Hops, German yeast, American water, and then dry hopped with more German Hops.

Flavor Profile: MaltyStyle: Marzen Style LagerABV: 6.1%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft
An elegant, malty German amber lager with a clean, rich, toasty and bready malt flavor, restrained bitterness, and a dry finish that inspires another sip. The overall malt…

Flavor Profile: LightStyle: Vienna LagerABV: 5.1%Availability: Taproom OnlyPackaging Options: Can, Draft
Armour is Vienna Lager brewed to showcase the subtle bready sweetness of Vienna malt. The addition of Contessa Hops, a relatively new noble hybrid…