Flavor Profile: Light
Style: Japanese Style Rice Lager
ABV: 4.6%
Availability: Taproom Only
Packaging Options: Can, Draft


Kaizen White is a project rooted in trying to get just a little bit more nuance and subtlety from an already great food-pairing beer. In it, we use Koji, a special mold used in sake-making, to convert the starchy rice into sugar rather than mashing it with barley like in normal Kaizen. This additional step, with a 3-day fermentation of the rice, adds additional complexity and character to the beer that we could never achieve with a standard mash. It is truly an exercise in details, the result being the most complex version of Kaizen we have ever released.

When we heard that Uchi was interested in working with us creatively, we knew it was going to be special because together we share an ethos in our dedication to those small details. We chose Kaizen as a base for the beer because it seemed like a poetic fit. The name encapsulates our mutual approach to our respective crafts, not to mention that it pairs fantastically with Japanese cuisine. While Kaizen’s clean palate and subtle rice characteristics are already a perfect companion to food, we felt that we could maybe utilize some other techniques to squeeze just a little more complexity from the beer. Enter Kaizen White.

Kaizen is a foundational principle here at Equal Parts. We believe we should pursue constant betterment  no matter how routine the process becomes. Finding areas of improvement, no matter how small, allows us to hone our process in the impossible pursuit of perfection. It is the small details that matter. 

equal parts beer pairing dinner at oheya houston  kaizen white with koji, brewed in collaboration with uchi