What’s in a name?

Equal Parts

Equal Parts, in a nutshell, is our brewing and business philosophy. It’s about a balance between two dissimilar entities or qualities. More specifically, it represents our relationship with the people around us and our philosophy that beer making should be grounded equally in both art and science. We believe in beer that is simultaneously creative and technically exceptional.


At the end of the day, we’re just people that want to build something we can be proud of. We take the words “self-improvement” very seriously and practice it in every aspect of what we do. We express it in the beer we make, the equipment we use, the way we serve our beer, our customer service, our internal and external policies, and everything in between. Our commitment to excellence is literal, as everything we do is an attempt to be better than the last time we did it... and the knowledge that there’s always a step after that. We also know that our team wouldn’t be here without the community that supports us and that rolls right back into our name – we are us, but only because you are you, and this brewery wouldn’t exist without both.



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