Flavor Profile: Light
Style: Charitable Lager
ABV: 4.6%
Availability: Taproom Only
Packaging Options: Can, Draft

In support of mental health awareness & benefiting IHWSH



It’s been almost a year since we lost Dom. If you’ve ever lost someone to suicide, you are familiar with swirling maelstrom of tears, guilt, anger, and confusion that inevitably plagues those left behind. Mental illness, invisible and insidious, can cloak itself so expertly that even the keenest eye may not detect its presence until it’s too late. Such was the case when we found out Dom had left us.

Not long after Dom’s passing, we partnered with I’ll Have What She’s Having to provide a space for free monthly support groups led by a licensed clinical social worker. That first meet was small (only our team) and filled with tears. But every month, a new face showed up and our little group grew.

In light of this and all that IHWSH does for the sake of mental health in the service industry, we wanted to brew a charitable beer that would benefit others who may be struggling.  With the culinary influence of Chef Dawn Burrell, we brewed Shared Strength to honor the memories of those we collectively lost. Dawn, like many of us, is no stranger to the heartache of losing a loved one to suicide.

At the heart of Shared Strength is an effort to destigmatize mental health struggles while fostering a community of support and understanding. It’s about processing our collective loss by helping others avoid similar loss.

Shared Strength will be released in our taproom on May 10th and 100% of our taproom proceeds will be donated to IHWSH.   May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we’ve partnered with 12 locations who also believe in the efforts of IHWSH. Shared Strength will be available on draft after May 13 at these locations: Star Sailor, Johnny’s Gold Brick, Underground Hall, Coltivare, EZ’s Liquor, Neil’s Bahr, Tacos A Go Go Oak Forest, Local Foods in the Heights, Anvil, Axelrad, UH Den, and Flying Saucer Downtown.

If you are struggling with mental health, this campaign is for you.

Mental health is health, but too often those caught in the whirlwind of the F&B industry are forced to treat it as an afterthought- especially when many are uninsured.  There is help and you are not alone.  Free services exist for you in just a few clicks, thanks to IHWSH. WellWeek is a month long campaign built around mental health awareness and resources.


Dominic, you came barreling into our lives full of energy, emotions, attitude, and just so much zest for life and love. You grew up with us over the years, and though we occasionally had our quarrels- mutual respect and, most importantly, love was always there. You were a brother, a friend, and part of our family. Words cannot express how much we will miss your presence.

A bit about the beer: Shared Strength is a charitable lager fermented similarly to a California Common, brewed with purple rice and a West African supergrain called Fonio (thank you, Dawn).  For those unfamiliar, Fonio thrives in the nutrient-poor soil near the Sahel Desert, growing without fertilizers or pesticides to deliver a uniquely delicious grain and special aspect of this beer.  The result is a crisp, dry lager that is slightly floral on the nose and a bit nutty on the finish. Dawn’s involvement was a joy as she helped at every stage of production, from mashing to canning.  She is going to make a great brewer one day.

Shared Strength is our way of giving back to causes we care about in the form of a charitable brew.  This is its 2nd iteration.   Read the KHOU11 story HERE.