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Creative, Serious, Nuanced Beer

Creativity is important, and we believe in pushing our personal brewing boundaries, but only if we can ensure a properly made pint. In the face of today’s playful beer styles, we’re more concerned with carefully constructed flavor profiles than Internet-fueled trends. We stick firmly to well-crafted beverages that we’re proud to have wear the Equal Parts name.

Our catalogue, past and present

Flavor Profile: HoppyStyle: West Coast Style IPAABV: 6.8%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft
Centennial, Citra, and Simcoe hops come together in our homage to the West side.

Flavor Profile: HoppyStyle: DDH IPAABV: 6.9%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft
11th Hour is a Double Dry Hopped IPA with lower bitterness and maximum hoppyness…

Flavor Profile: HoppyStyle: Hazy Pale AleABV: 5.7%Availability: Distro, TaproomPackaging Options: Can, Draft
Sometimes there’s a beer, I won’t say a beverage,‘cause what’s a beverage? But sometimes, there’s a beer…

Flavor Profile: DarkStyle: Mexican Chocolate Imperial StoutABV: 11%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft

Flavor Profile: HoppyStyle: Pale AleABV: 6.3%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, DraftThree Seashells, our summer pale ale made with trips to the beach in mind, is crafted to be refreshing, clean, and drinkable…

Flavor Profile: HoppyStyle: IPAABV: 6.5%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft
Saharan Dust IPA is loaded with experimental hop HBC472, a neomexicanus strain that boasts coconut, tropical fruit, and slight barrel notes. In this…

Flavor Profile: LightStyle: Japanese Style Rice LagerABV: 4.6%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft
Kaizen is a Japanese-style lager made with Rice complimented by Pilsen and Vienna malt. The enzymes in our malted barley allow us to convert the starches in the…

Flavor Profile: DarkStyle: Black LagerABV: 5.2%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft

Flavor Profile: LightStyle: Helles Style LagerABV: 5.1%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft
The Helles style was developed in Munich in the late 19th century, making it one of the younger traditional styles from that part of the world. It…

Flavor Profile: HoppyStyle: Double IPAABV: 9.2%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft

Flavor Profile: DarkStyle: Robust PorterABV: 7.9%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft

Flavor Profile: LightStyle: Italian Style PilsnerABV: 5.1%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft
Gorlami is an Italian style pilsner brewed with German Pilsner malt, German Hops, German yeast, American water, and then dry hopped with more German Hops.

Flavor Profile: MaltyStyle: Marzen Style LagerABV: 6.1%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft
An elegant, malty German amber lager with a clean, rich, toasty and bready malt flavor, restrained bitterness, and a dry finish that inspires another sip. The overall malt…

Flavor Profile: DarkStyle: Milk StoutABV: 7%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Draft
A classic dark, rich, sweet, milk stout with notes of coffee and cacao on the nose, carrying through to the palate. Drinks richly, without being overly sweet, and…

Flavor Profile: HoppyStyle: Mexican Chocolate Imperial StoutABV: 9%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft

Flavor Profile: HoppyStyle: DIPAABV: 8.9%Availability: SeasonalPackaging Options: Can, Draft
08/29/97 is one of our favorite double IPAs, and for good reason. Copious amounts of Citra, Chinook, and Sorachi Ace hops come together to…