Flavor Profile: Light
Style: Italian Style Pilsner
ABV: 5.1%
Availability: Seasonal Distro
Packaging Options: Can, Draft

It’s one thing to go masquerading as an Italian stuntman at a German movie premiere. It’s quite another to be an Italian brewer attempting a German Pils and birthing a glorious new beer style instead. What are we even talking about?
You guessed it. Gorlami, our crisp and smooth dry-hopped pilsner with a delightfully debonair finish. It’s brewed with German Pilsner malt, German Hops, German yeast, American water, and then dry hopped with more German Hops. But do you know the origin story of the Italian Pilsner? It’s pretty cool and pretty recent.
In the mid 90s, a rad Italian brewer named Agostino Arioli ventured to craft a German Pilsner and stumbled into a delicious mistake. “I was ignorant about beer—but I’m happy to be ignorant because I’m more free to do whatever I like. I thought this is fucking interesting. I love this way to use the hop. I didn’t know about this thing, and I am very curious. So I combined this typical English system (of dry hopping ales) with a typical German beer.”
Failing to brew what he considered a real German pils (dry hopping was not permitted by the Reinheitsgebot at the time), Arioli drifted into new waters. The result wasn’t exactly a German Pils, nor any other kind of Pils. It was a type of Pils. And thus the ‘Tipopils’ (Italian Pils) was born.
Arioli says it was a beer guided by his senses. He took traditions from elsewhere and made them his own- and now there are many ‘tipo’ Tipopils all over. We like to think Arioli is our tipo people.
Come raise a glass of Gorlami to Arioli in our taproom or take it home and learn a new language with 6-packs to go