Flavor Profile: Hoppy
Style: West Coast Style IPA
ABV: 6.7%
Availability: Taproom Only
Packaging Options: Can, Draft


We have a martial artfully crafted release for both your taste buds and your buddies…

Lets Fighting Love is a West Coast style IPA brewed with Ella, Motueka, and Rakau hops. If you’re not familiar, let’s compare them to weapons:

Ella adds depth to the brew, weaving a tapestry of spicy and floral flavors like a shuriken to the eye.  Motueka is the stealthy hop that sneaks in with hints of citrus and tropical fruits like a pair of invisible sais.  Rakau is the nunchakus coming in fast and furious with stone fruit and pine resin flavors like a Web of Holding on your tongue.  At 6.7%, ボールを守る必要がある.

Lets Fighting Love is whirlwind of flavor fun you won’t have to hide from your parents. Try it in our taproom today or take it to your fellow ninjas in 4packs to go.