So much more than just liquid

Creative, Serious, Nuanced Beer

Creativity is important, and we believe in pushing our personal brewing boundaries, but only if we can ensure a properly made pint. In the face of today’s playful beer styles, we’re more concerned with carefully constructed flavor profiles than Internet-fueled trends. We stick firmly to well-crafted beverages that we’re proud to have wear the Equal Parts name.

Our catalogue, past and present

Flavor Profile: DarkStyle: Black Japanese-style Rice LagerABV: 5.1%Availability: Taproom OnlyPackaging Options: Draft, Can
Kaizen Black is a dark version of Kaizen, our Japanese-style lager made with rice complimented by pilsen, vienna, munich and bestmalz black malt…

Flavor Profile: DarkStyle: Munich DunkelABV: 5.7%Availability: Taproom OnlyPackaging Options: Draft
Neo-noir, our Munich Style Dunkel, was made with 100% malt from Bestmalz, and some of the first bags of Bestmalz specialty Chocolate malt to enter the US.

Flavor Profile: DarkStyle: Robust PorterABV: 7.9%Availability: Seasonal DistroPackaging Options: Can, Draft
Nocturna is an imperial porter brewed with cool autumn and winter evenings in mind…

Flavor Profile: MaltyStyle: Imperial Oat Cream IPAABV: 8.2%Availability: Taproom OnlyPackaging Options: Can, Draft
Extra Fuzzy is what happens when we decide to take Fuzzy, our Oat Cream IPA and turn it up to 11. It features an even heavier oated malt base with a hint of…

Flavor Profile: MaltyStyle: Marzen Style LagerABV: 6.1%Availability: Seasonal DistroPackaging Options: Can, Draft
An elegant, malty German amber lager with a clean, rich, toasty and bready malt flavor, restrained bitterness, and a dry finish that inspires another sip. The overall malt…